Cracker is a Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Software as a Service.

Cracker is a Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Software as a Service.

We support performance outcomes by connecting people to each other, performance frameworks, intellectual property and the best practice content of the organisation and industry.

Targeted resources in 3 clicks

Leading learning organisations offer Resource Hubs as the go-to place for exellence and innovation. With Cracker, clients can rapidly provide a private community gateway to targeted resources indexed, tagged and searchable through Performance frameworks. Offer all kinds of content; video, audio, text documents (and more) and make it available 24/7, 365 days a year via any device: PC, tablet, or phone.

Resource Hubs

Performance frameworks

With more than 80% of learning being self directed, to lift development rates, organisations have just got to find ways to guide team members to what matters most. Cracker’s Profile application is used to highlight priorities for continuous improvement and accelerate personal learning and development. Our application can be set up to enliven the mentoring process and guide the user to targeted resources available through the Resources Hub.


One place for development

Our Locker application enables a user to ‘favourite’ resources from the Resource Hub and bring a resource from the web or upload content from a local drive to create a personal library of content relevant to role and priorities. This application helps the user get back to resources that matter most, time and time again.


Connected communities

We deliver secure environments in the internet cloud. By enabling a private gated community, team members can ‘follow’ and connect with best practice individuals, coaches and mentees. Connected individuals and groups can share and dialogue around content relevant to their special interest increasing efficiency, collaboration and team knowledge exchange.


Powerful insights through data

Can you currently see, in real time, the development priorities of your communities and segments? Cracker clients can, because we analyse and report private community data on behalf of each client. Through dashboard reporting we provide real-time information for evidence based decision making and prioritising continuous improvement.


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